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FALCON Retrofit LED Headlamp
Time to upgrade your halogen bulb, Make your headlamp brighter farther safer
FALCON Retrofit LED Signaling
Instant ON, Earlier Warning, Less Danger
FALCON Auxiliary LED Lamp
BEACON Every Path Of Your Expedition

Feature of product

FALCON Automotive LED, developed by prof. team in the industrial for more than 10 years. Meet all you need

Much Brighter More White

CCT >6000k, feel more white. >5000lm, minimum 2 times of halogen, make it much brighter

Farther Safer

Light emitting from two back-to-back sides horizontally, which help most of the light are projected on the road. Farther and wider

Longer lifetime

LED chip is semi-conductor, lifetime >10khrs. While tungsten coil limit the halogen lifetime, normally less than 500 hrs. So lifetime of LED lamp will be 2 digits times of halogen's

Higher Cost-Performance

Though one-time price is higher than Halogen, considering the much longer lifetime, and Consistently bright and white during lifetime, actually LED lamp is higher Cost-Performance


FH900 Headlamp


FLAGSHIP Newly Launched

  • World-leading High-Power Single Package 1860 chip
  • One-Piece structure, with hi-level Aluminum, quick heat-sinking
  • 10k rpm Fan, Cool air in, Hot air out. Heat dissipation performance times
  • Single piece burner, light source position close to OEM, beam pattern complied
  • Full range launch, perfectly match main models on the market
  • Red, Blue body are also available
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